Monastery of St. Demetrios

Monastery of the Assumption and St. Demetrius.

Just 2km from our hotel is the Monastery of the Assumption and St. Demetrius, like know more, Byzantine monastery of the 13th century with great contribution to our country, we are now just before the next big step inthe great historical course. The five-member brotherhood today, under the guidance of Abbot p. Polycarp, waiting anxiously for the inauguration of the imposing Church (Catholic), after ten years of elaborate restoration work and reestablishment of the standards of the old Byzantine Catholic monastery, which had collapsed after the authorization given to the work by the archaeological service. According to estimates, the newly constructed temple Athos type, real jewel for all the prefecture of Larissa, will be able to reopen in 1-2 years, and left some work environments in the main room. A also impresses visitors the fortified character of the monastery and other buildings, which were finalized in the last decades.


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