In Panorama Suites & Spa you can fill your day with different activities: from relaxation and reading, water sports, cycling, walking in the lovely sandy beach accompanied by the waves, hiking, climbing, rafting, canyoning, where you can enjoy and be one with the nature.


The privileged location of our property, an ideal mixture of mountain with the sea offers a large variety of activities: On the sea side you will enjoy water sports like windsurfing or Kitesurfing, Snorkeling, scuba diving, or enjoy a unique adventure in our fishing Safari boat trip. A must is to take a walk or a horse ride in the lovely sandy beach accompanied by the waves especially during sunrise.

On the mountain side of Ossa (Kissavos) you will enjoy cycling or hiking in the beautiful forests, rafting in the beautiful waters of Pineios river or canyoning in the 70m waterfall of the magnificent Canyon of Calypso.

For the expert hikers and climbers the majestic Olympus mountain is waiting for them for a unique adventure. 

  • Mountain bike

Kissavos offers many Alternative routes full of lush vegetation and beautiful views of the Aegean Sea. For the bike enthusiasts we’re invite them to wander in unique and beautiful routes, to cool down in crystal-clear...

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