The coasts of Katerini and Pieria are among the most unrivaled and are an ideal and easy access solution for both Greeks and foreigners in the Balkans.

In recent years, Katerini has been upgraded to a tourist resort with hotels and rooms to let, or villas and apartments, most of which are located on the sandy beach of the Olympic coast and indeed there is a special name Beach to identify the bustling seaside village of Katerini.

First of all we have many important points of view to notice about Katerni and Olympus Riviera area like:

  • The length of the sea front?
  • The rich and golden sandy beach?
  • The quality of the sea?
  • The unparalleled combination of coastline and mountain ranges?
  • The rotation of the landscape?
  • Easy road and rail access?
  • Facilities for small boats?
  • The alternation...

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